About us

Ecodom - Italian Household Appliances Recovery and Recycling Consortium -  is the national Compliance Scheme that manages the transportation and treatment of end-of-life appliances (WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), on a non-profit basis. The Consortium performs its task constantly trying to combine excellence in environmental protection with efficient treatment processes.


Ecodom was established in 2004 on a voluntary basis by the leading large appliances, hoods and water-heaters Producers operating on the Italian market with the fundamental aim of preventing the release of pollutants into the environment and maximising the recovery of materials back into the production cycle, in accordance with the legislation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (in Italy, Decree Law 151/2005).

With regard to the types of WEEE as defined by the relevant legislation, Ecodom handles household WEEE in the following Groups:

  • R1 (refrigerators, air-conditioners);
  • R2 (washing-machines, dishwashers, hoods, ovens, water-heaters);
  • R4 (small household appliances, consumer electronics, IT devices, lighting equipment).

Ecodom also provides a prefessional WEEE treatment service, at the trial level and solely as a favour to Members requesting it.


With 34 member companies and an approximately 61% share of the large household appliances market, in 2012 Ecodom handled 30,2% by weight of all WEEE collected in Italy (R1: 56%; R2: 62%; R4: 1%).




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